Woman and Children

Comprehensive Woman and Children Services

We dedicated to providing top-notch care for women and children. Our services include comprehensive Women's Health Screening, offering early detection and prevention of health issues.

  • We offer extensive support for expectant mothers through our Bunda Maternity Services.
  • For breastfeeding support, our dedicated Lactation Clinic is here to help.
  • Additionally, we have a Child Growth & Development Clinic to monitor every aspect of your child's development.

Bunda Denpasar prioritizes the well-being of women and children, ensuring exceptional care and attention.

Women’s Health Screening

Pap Smear is one of screening technique that can be done safely.

Maternity Care

Committed to helping you deliver your baby safely and comfortably.

Lactation Clinic

We are support to new mothers and mothers to be and babies learning how to breastfeed.

Child Growth & Development Clinic

Aims to help parents understand how children change and grow over the course of their childhood.

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