Emergency & Trauma Response

Emergency and Trauma Services

At Bunda Denpasar, our 24/7 Emergency & Trauma Services are open to anyone in need. Our team of doctors and emergency staff is ready to help quickly and effectively. Located in the West Denpasar, it's easily accessible for locals and tourists. We're here to assist anyone in an emergency, whether they're new, regular visitors, tourists, expatriates, or locals.

"We understand the importance of time in medical emergencies"

Emergency Call

Swift, safe transportation for critical patients, staffed with medical professionals and equipped for emergency treatment.

Trauma Services

The trauma service at Bunda Denpasar dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients with emergencies resulting from injuries or trauma.

Ambulance Transfer

Immediate connection to healthcare professionals for urgent medical assistance and dispatching emergency teams.


√ 24 Hour Emergency Care Facility (ED)
√ Operating room ready to operate 24 Hours
√ Intensive Care Unit Room (ICU)
√ Laboratory and radiology operating 24 hours
√ Ambulance specially designed to serve the mobility of traumatic patients from the scene to Bunda Denpasar

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